Christmas tree needle pain

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Christmas tree needle pain

Post by elsie70 »

I bought a cordless DC62 earlier this year and am very happy with it. However, took the christmas tree down today and it failed absolutely miserably picking up the needles. They whole head got blocked up. I ended up using a dustpan and brush. I tried the upholstery and 'stick' attachments as well but neither of those worked either. Does any one have any tips on which accessory would work best for this? Or do I have to keep my dustpan to hand...
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Re: Christmas tree needle pain

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Hi there Elsie . unfortunately pine needles are best to be picked up with a broom and dustpan. the air ways in most vacuums are normally about an inch and a quarter in diameter , the pine needles end up wrapping around in the craziest fashion and end up getting stuck and forming blockages in the air paths . its a problem that's consistent with all vacuums.
Lots of people have asked the same question :)
Hope this helped in some small minute way, have a great day
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