Dyson DC01 Power

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Dyson DC01 Power

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Here is my Dyson DC01 Blue 1997 (i think)
I found this brilliant machine in a back street getting battered in the weather saw it a few times just stood proudly in a backstreet for a week or two waiting for it to be scrapped so i decided to put it in the back of my car and take it home due to the fact of i needed a vacuum as i had just moved in my own place and i am a fan of the DC01. Ive been told its a rare find as the blue DC01's are getting very rare this was over a year ago, Anyway i took it apart and cleaned it up and the motor is in fine condition and all the parts apart from to cord was cut off. I think the dyson was owned by a company as it had a electrical test sticker on the back. After a new cord was fitted and new filters the dyson worked brillinat, Recently ive been finding the suction has been falling in performance, it could be me but i took it apart and found no blockages and the motor seems to be in fine condition. my question is has the DC01 always had ok suction or is it just my machine

Popayl07 :D :)

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Re: Dyson DC01 Power

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Good rescue! It hasn't aged too badly has it really, despite all the developments which have happened since. I;d believe yourself if you think the suction has dropped. A new motor can make a big difference. I take it you've replaced the filters. That must be worth doing with a machine which has been used commercially...and found on the street!
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