Bad smell from cyclone, is it possible to clean inside it?

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Bad smell from cyclone, is it possible to clean inside it?

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Hi all, my first time here. I did a search to see if anyone else had my problem but didn't see any posts so here goes:

I have a DC50 (the compact upright), it's just over 1 year old and has started to make a bad smell when I use it. I've always washed the filters and emptied it after every use (you have to because the dust canister is so small). The smell is definitely coming from the inside of the cyclone and smells like a wet dog (and no, I haven't actually used it to clean any wet dogs). I can't see any way of getting it apart to clean out whatever is causing it (I've taken off the clear part and cleaned all the dust away). I just spent almost an hour on the phone waiting to get through to someone at Dyson only to be told that I needed to buy a new cyclone. Surely there must be a way to open it up and clean it before I do this?

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Bad smell from cyclone is it possible to clean inside it

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Ive spent too many hours on this. Aint nobody got time for that. I havent found anything that works. If someone ever finds a solution and reads this thread send me a PM.
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Re: Bad smell from cyclone, is it possible to clean inside i

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The issue your describing sounds like there is mould growing in the upper section. This is usually caused by water passing through the intake or making its way into the drum.
In answer to your question, yes it's certainly possible to conduct a deep-clean of your Dyson. You're going to need a few tools, such as a set of Torx screwdrivers.

The following video is a good tutorial on how to correctly disassemble and clean. It's a different model but the fundamentals are the same for all Dyson vaccumes.

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