my dyson does not suck for me like it used to

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my dyson does not suck for me like it used to

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I am so glad found this forum.
I myself been searching for good forum for dyson vacuum cleaner for so long, it feels like eternity :lol: .
It seems like sweet little community has incarnated here because of common goal.

Well cut to the chase i heer you saying me from your little office chair. My dyson used to suck for really well when i first got it, but it appears to losing it power. I clean twice a week and follow all instructions and rules regarding how to treat. I wondering where i am gone wrong. I wondered is because i suck to much. I live in 4 bedroom country home and suck in every room three times day? Can everybody please tell me where i gone wrong?

PS i sorry for poor english
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Re: my dyson does not suck for me like it used to

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Hi darthmonkey!

What type of Dyson is it? Someone else asked the same question about an old DC07 but the things to test would be similar for any model. The thread is here:

It sounds like you've kept the washable filter clean if you have been maintaining it so the first thing to try would be to check that the cyclones arn't clogged up. There's a link to a guide to doing this for the DC07 in the thread linked above.

If that doesn't work your motor might be wearing out, especially if it is quite old (say 5+ years) and you have given it a lot of use. You must have a very clean house! Motors have a finite life span and the poster in the other thread found that it made a big difference.

Good luck :) Let us know how you get on.
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