Dyson DC33c

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Dyson model: dc33c

Dyson DC33c

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Hi all,

I live in Switzerland and just saw the above model on sale in COOP at CHF 399 which sounds like a good deal. The problem is I am not able to find any reviews for this model in english. Does anybody have any experience with this model? Is this a good price? I live in a 4 Bedroom house with parquet floors and some rugs thrown in some areas. Both my wife and daughter have long hair and a lot of shedding has been noticed :D

WOuld appreciate quick feedback as this sale may not last long.

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Re: Dyson DC33c

Post by Onion »

Hi. I don't know about this particular model but most of the variants of a model (eg DC33, DC07 etc) and very similar, often just a different colour or an exclusive colour for independent stores. I would think it would be fine for your needs.
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