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Frequently asked questions about Dysons
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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This FAQ is currently being expanded. If you have any suggested questions please let us know.

My Dyson is loosing suction when vacuuming. What's wrong?
There are lots of reasons why your Dyson might not be sucking as it should do. Here is a quick checklist:

1) Clean the filter
The filter should be washed every 6 months. Remove the filter (check the instructions for your model on how to do this - it's very easy but please ask in the forum if you have problems finding it). If the filter looks clean you can put it straight back in. If not wash it in cold water and leave it to dry in a warm (but not hot) place. It will take several hours so bear this in mind if you need to use the cleaner as you may damage it if you try to use it without the filter installed!

2) Check over your machine for visible obstructions to the airflow. Remove the bin and look into the airways.

3) Check the inspection pipes
First you need to find your inspection pipes. (There are 2 on most machines.) Again, check you user manual to find them, or ask in the forum. Check that there are no obstructions in the pipes and when you re-assembly them make sure they are inserted correctly. It is possible that these can be in position without being seated properly, which can result in leaking from the seals. On most models, these ports make a 'click' sound when they fully engage so listen out for that as you re-enagge them. When your machine is turned off you might notice small gaps between the rubber seals on the ports and the main body of the cleaner. This is normal, and these gaps should close up when the machine is turned on (they are designed such that the internal vacuum closes them). It id worth checking that these seals have not split though, particularly on older machines.

4) Still not working? Try asking on the forum.

My Dyson keeps cutting out. What's wrong?
Most likely, the cable has started to deteriorate just where it enters the machine. If this is the case you should stop using the machine immediately and the cable will need to be replaced. If you're not comfortable with these things then Dyson, or any electrical repair centre, should be able to do it.
On upright cleaners it's not a difficult job, but it does require dimantling most of the machine. On cylinder cleaners the cable is integral with the cable rewind mechanism and replacement is more complicated. New cables can be bought rom ebay (about £10 for an upright cable, £20 for a cyclinder one).

For a detailed guides on how to replace the cable for various models follow this link to the excellent guides on ... dvice-450/

TIP: To prevent this happening again, you should make sure you always wrap your cable the same way (eg. always start wrapping with the cable pointing downwards.) This will reduce wear on the cable.

Are Dyson's really any different from other bagless vacuum cleaners?
Yes. Some people claim that Dyson are just very cunning at marketing but, while that might be true, there is a technical difference between the way Dysons and all other vacuum cleaners work.

Most bagless vacuum cleaners use a main cyclone to remove large particles of dust and dirt, followed by a filter to remove the finer particles. As the machine is used, the filter clogs up (just like a bag) and suction power drops until the filter is cleaned or replaced.

Dysons uses similar main cyclone to remove large particles of dust but use a smaller secondary cyclone (or multiple cyclones arranged in parallel to each other) to remove the finer particles which does not clog like the filter used on most vacuum cleaners. After this there is also a filter, but the air is so clean by this stage that it remains clean enough that it only needs to be washed every 6 months.

What's the difference between Origin/Allfloors/Allergy and Animal models?
Origin - Base models without the ability to turn off the brushbar (mainly superseded)
Allfloors - Base models with the ability to turn the brushbar on/off
Allergy - Models containing a HEPA filter for allergy sufferers
Animal - Most expensive models containing a HEPA filter and an extra "Animal" tool (NB: the cleaner itself is usually the same as the base models)

What is a Precision / Origin Plus / Overdrive / Blitz It model?
Some stores have thier own exclusive models with additional names just to add extra confusion! However, these are exactly the same as the standard Dyson models but with an extra accessory or two.

DC14 Overdrive (Comet) is the same as the DC14 Animal but comes with a stubborn dirt brush and a soft dusting brush
DC14 Origin Plus (Argos) is the same as the DC14 Origin but comes with a soft dusting brush and mattress tool
DC19 Comet (Comet!) is the same as the DC19 Origin but comes with a stubborn dirt brush and a soft dusting brush
DC19 Precision (Argos) is the same as the DC19 Allergy but comes with a soft dusting brush and flexi-crevice nozzle
DC24 Blitz It (Currys) is the same as the DC24 Allergy but comes with a mattress tool and flexi-crevice nozzle
DC25 Overdrive (Comet) is the same as the DC25 Animal but comes with a stubborn dirt brush and a soft dusting brush

All of these models are now listed on our price comparison page: Dyson Deals

Is it possible to repair a broken hose?
Tearing of the hose, particularly at the wand end, is a common problem. It can be repaired with tape in the short term - try using brown packaging tape or duck/gaffa tape liberally around the split. This should keep the hose going for a few more weeks. In the meantime think about replacing the hose as it's a really easy job (just remove the wand, unclip the hose at the base and replace). It's not feasible to replace just the hose as it is glued to the collars at either end so you'll have to buy the whole assembly but new hoses can be bought for about £15 from ebay (or several other spares retailers - see this post for a list of spares retailers: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=17)
To prolong the life of your new hose try not to pull the vacuum cleaner by the wand and be carefull not to pull the hose round banisters or doorways. Newer models have flexible couplings at the wand end so their hoses should last longer.

Where is the cheapest place to buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner?
We have an automated system which finds the cheapest Dysons on the internet which will save you shopping around - see the Dyson Deals page. This checks the prices of every Dyson model at all of the major internet retailers: Amazon, Tesco, Dixons, Comet, John Lewis and many more. It's also worth checking out your local supermarket who often have good deals on the lower-end models.

How do I replace the filters on a DC08/DC19/DC24?
There are some excellent video guides on how to replace both the washable and the HEPA filters on the BuySpares website:
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