DC32 Animal

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DC32 Animal

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Hello Community,

my parents just bought me a DC32 Animal. I have a few issues and questions about the model:
- We don't have pets. Does this model make sense for us?
- It seems to be quite loud and heavy. Is there a significant difference to other models?
- Is the suction power stronger than that of other models?
- If the model doesn't make sense: Which one would be better for us?
- It seems that DC32 is outdated. Are there many improvements for the successor

If differences are slight, I would really like to keep it and don't waste the time for a return. We do have tiles and parquet floors as well as a few carpets if that matters.

Thanks for your help! :-)
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Re: DC32 Animal

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This model is still good if you don't have pets. The machines are actually the same, it's just that the Animal versions come with extra tools, which can be useful for things other than removing pet hair anyway.

Most Dysons are loud and heavy! There are some smaller and lighter models available but the suction power will be lower.

As this is a full sized machine, the suction power will be about as good as you can get.

The only significant advancements since this model are the dual layer of cyclones for a bit more suction power and the addition of the Ball for better manouverability.
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