washing machine CR02 door lock

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washing machine CR02 door lock

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question about a washing machine here, may I ? My CR02 finishes a cycle and the door lock doesn't unlock. This happens 1 load out of 3 maybe, so it's always a gamble whether I will get the school uniforms out or not. So far it always has unlocked eventually - I just turn it on and off every time I pass and eventually it clicks off. This can take days though. I have spoken to a technician who says to turn the plastic screw under the washing powder draw with machine off. Turn machine on and it should unlock but this doesn't work.
Any ideas ? Would be very grateful.
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Re: washing machine CR02 door lock

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Hi :)

That trick with the plastic screw should work, it's the manual release for the door but it's possible that the connecting part which unlocks the door may have become dislodged.

Perhaps when it's next open you could check out the locking mechanism and see that nothing looks ceased and if so give it a dose of WD40 and cycle it. Sorry, that's all I can suggest so otherwise you'll just have to give Dyson or your local appliance service centre a call.

It must be pretty annoying. Hope you get it working again.
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