DC31 Connector Query

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DC31 Connector Query

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Hello all,

I had a question related to a DC31 i've just inherited and hoped someone might be able to help.

The problem is that i have been given a range of addons, and whilst the shorter, stubbier ones seem to fit and connect perfectly, i have been given a long purple pipe which does not seem to want to connect to the main hoover unit.The "female" fitting of the pipe looks to be too fat to plug into the "male" terminals.

The purple pipe can also be connected to a traditional looking hoover fitting at the end, and there are no problems hooking together these pieces.

My grandmother, who gave me the hoover is a known and prolific hoarder and i consider that there are four potential scenarios;

a) She has perhaps purchased another type of Dyson Hoover and this fitting is not compatible with this model
b) This add on is compatible, but is missing some type of adaptor
c) There is some kind of trick or a bit more force required to get the pipe to connect that i am just not getting
d) They are not compatible and that is that.

Please would one of you kind folks be able to give me some steer on which of those eventualities it is? I can post pictures if it helps anyone visualise what's happening?

Many Thanks

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