DC02 problem and rubbish Dyson helpline

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DC02 problem and rubbish Dyson helpline

Post by Dawn »

We've got a DC02 that's ancient, it was given to us last year and so far has coped with the dog hair fine. Last week the motor started making an odd noise and giving off an odd smell and then it conked out.

I emailed the Dyson help section and got a nice email back saying that an engineer could come out for £69 and fix it. Just have to ring up. I ring up this morning and get a snotty woman who says yes someone can come out but it will be £73. I ask why, she says because of the VAT increase...I explain about the email and tell her VAT hasn't gone up since yesterday....she says yes, it goes up on 1st Feb....funnily enough there are no engineers in my area (Newcastle) and that I'd have to have the dyson collected and away to the factory for a week...guess when? Yep, 1st Feb...what a surprise.

I guess what I'm asking is are there any independent engineers that will come and fix it?
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Re: DC02 problem and rubbish Dyson helpline

Post by Onion »

Hi Dawn,

That's frustrating. After you mentioned it I noticed that their website is showing the price increase too:


Maybe if you called again you could ask if they will do it for the current price? It would seen fair to me as that's the price they are charging now. Maybe next time you will get someone a bit more helpful; they're usually very good.

I don't know any independent places around Newcastle I'm afraid. From what you've said I'd be pretty sure that the problem is an exhausted motor. They're about £40-45 so £73 for a full service on an old machine might be worth it, though I appreciate that they have got your wind up!
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Re: DC02 problem and rubbish Dyson helpline

Post by ManchesterVacs »

If you are happy to box it up and send it to us, I can give you a site that will allow you to use DHL for less than £10 to get it to us, we will repair it and send it back with DHL. It will probably cost you a few shillings less than Dyson will charge you with transport.

You will simply pay online the day we book the return delivery. As it is with DHL, it is tracked both ways for your security and convenience.

If you want to know more, check our page here: >>>Dyson Repairs<<< and get in touch directly and we'll work it out.
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