Stick compatible for v7 trigger

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Stick compatible for v7 trigger

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I have a Dyson v7 Trigger, handheld. Is there a stick that is compatible and vacuum head available? Or is the motor on the "v7 trigger" weaker than the other v7 series(Animal/Motorhead/Cord-Free Vacuum)?

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Re: Stick compatible for v7 trigger

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One of the primary activities, when your Dyson vacuum cleaner continues to begin and halting, is to exhaust the canister. It could be full, or the machine may just see it as too full to even think about continuing working.Dyson vacuum cleaners require a steady wind stream through them to work, and a full canister can prevent this from occurring. You need to hold the trigger conservative, it takes some becoming acclimated to, yet it's not dreadful. Certainly helps keep the battery life, so you possibly use it when you need it.
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