Handheld Dyson as main Vacuum Cleaner?

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Handheld Dyson as main Vacuum Cleaner?

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I'm pondering to invest in a Dyson! I've wanted a Dyson for long time, and since I saw it for the first time in the 90's I wanted one. I was a kid at that moment and I couldn't convince my mom to get one —she has been always a Electrolux woman.

When I moved out and my current wife and I got our first apartment together we just got a really cheap bagless vacuum cleaner —50€— that has been working for the last 5-6 years like a charm, even when although we had a small apartment —~45m²— we vacuum every week.

We moved to a new bigger apartment —~80m²— and we are thinking to get a new vacuum, even when our current one is still working really good.

I'm really pondering in investing on a Dyson V8 or even perhaps in a V10, even more since we have a baby now and we are looking for something a little bit less noisy.

However, the other day I was talking with a relative and he told me that Dyson claim that their handheld vacuums are the "best second vacuum cleaners", in other words, Dyson is recommending you to have another vacuum cleaner for a deep cleaning or something like that. Is this true? Or a just a handheld Dyson is more than enough for an apartment?

I've been checking and the battery last up to 40' or in case of the V10 up to 60'. That, in my opinion is more than enough for us. We usually don't spend more than 20' or 30' cleaning the whole house. We have some carpets / rugs, but most of the floor is laminate flooring.

Thanks for the insights beforehand.
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