There's no power in my DC08 HELP PLEASE

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There's no power in my DC08 HELP PLEASE

Post by chadkev1982 »

I've changed the fuse but there isn't any power. Has anyone had this issue? I think it may be in warranty but not sure who to contact about it. Help would be appreciated.
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Re: There's no power in my DC08 HELP PLEASE

Post by Onion »

Hi. There could be a few reasons for this:

1 - The machine is overheating. If so it should work again when it's cooled down.
2 - Damaged cable. Try fully unwinding the cable and wiggle it around a bit while it's turned on.
3 - Burned out motor. Motors have a finite lifespan and once the contacts wear out you usually have to replace the whole motor. Usually the machine makes a burning smell before the motor finally stops so you would probably know if this has happened.

If you don't have any luck give the Dyson helpline a call on 0800 954 0154. They're usually very helpful.
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