Why is my D28 so hard to push!!??

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Why is my D28 so hard to push!!??

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My girlfriend recently bought a refurbished D28 off of Woot and it seems really hard to push for some reason. I thought she was exaggerating, but after about 5 minutes pushing this thing, your shoulder actually starts to hurt. Is this model self-propelled? If so, might there be something wrong with ours? Is there a way to adjust this at all?

Thanks for your help!
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Re: Why is my D28 so hard to push!!??

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The biggest cause of the "problem" is the amount of suction.
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Re: Why is my D28 so hard to push!!??

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I believe the DC28 is a US model with Airmuscle Technology. This has 4 floor type settings next to the on/off switch near the top of the handle. This lowers and raises the brush bar depending on the setting you select to the floor type you are vacuuming. If you select the high pile setting the brush bar lowers so the brushes sink into the deep carpet pile to groom and remove embedded dirt. Select the lower pile setting and the brush bar raises up so less brush is used\need on short pile carpet. There is 2 settings in between high and low. You can turn the brush bar off as well.

Have you tried changing these settings depending on the floor\carpet you are vacuuming? This might be causing some of the problem your having! Although DysonFan55555 is right the amount of suction could be some of the issue too.

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