V8 attachment sensor fault

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V8 attachment sensor fault

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I have a V8 which has a intermittent fault with the attachment sensor.
I'm aware that the V8 senses when an attachment is connected and then supplies 22v power to this. If no attachment is connected the voltage is not sent to the pins. I'm finding that the sensor is not always detecting the attachments. I can have everything attached and monitor the volts, as I keep pressing the trigger there is nothing, nothing, nothing then 24v, then nothing again. There is no pattern to this, so assume the sensor is faulty.
Additionally, sometime I can see the motorised head try and turn when I press the trigger by a small jolt, but that's it. Further to this the only head I can get working (intermittently) is the small one, the large one will not work at all.

I have trailed and errored this quite a bit and eliminated the usual suspects of the problem (cleaning motor head, cleaning contacts, trying different attachments, loose wires) so happy this lies with an electrical issue.

I did wonder if it was an issue with the amps put out by the battery, with the draw needed for the head being too much for the older battery. But wanted to seek help before investing in a new battery. There is nothing wrong with my current battery in terms of run time and the main suction motor. I did see somewhere someone had bypassed this sensor by putting solder across the contacts, and would be happy to try this to get it working.

Any comments or thoughts would be appreciated, thank you.
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