DC41C cutting out

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DC41C cutting out

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Hello, my DC41C works well for a few minutes then just stops. I have cleaned the filters, suction is good and it will even stop when the canister isn't connected, running freely, the air coming out of the back is quite warm. What could be the problem and or the fix for this.

Thank you.
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Re: DC41C

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The motor TOC is cutting in for some reason, on some older models they became sensitive over time, so they would stop the motor even if it was running at the correct temperature.

If the motor was burnt out you would not be able to keep turning it on, not only that but there would be a terrible burning smell. These machines do have a post HEPA filter that a normal user can not get to. It may be that this is blocked and needs replacing. We will be doing a post on how to do this, when we do we will link it in this post
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