DC24 pulling when in use.

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DC24 pulling when in use.

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Hi I have a problem with my DC24. I removed the filters and cleaned them and I might have done to much of a good job as, When I am cleaning the carpet it keeps grabbing the carpet. I have seen solutions for other DC's like removing head rubbers or drilling holes but nothing for the DC24.
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Re: DC24 pulling when in use.

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If you have pets the oil from the coat can mix with the dust in the carpet. This causes a dark grime to form at the bottom of the cleaner head. This grime can stick to the carpet almost making it seem like the vacuum is fitted with brakes :lol:

Simply remove the grime and give it a clean up. Also ensure that your bristles on your brush is a good length. Most obvious as well, but it can happen, make sure the cleaner head is actually turned on
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