V7 handheld trigger pro hepa HH11Wall mount/charging station

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Dyson model: V7 trigger pro

V7 handheld trigger pro hepa HH11Wall mount/charging station

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Hi, I have just bought a HH11 Trigger Pro EU/RU/CH Ir/SNk (282065-01) (Iron/Sprayed Nickel), looking for a wall charging station that it would fit, having problems finding one, contacted Dyson.nl in Holland as that’s where I bought it, they said the one they have part number 967741-01 would not fit

“Thank you for contacting our cusomer service. Sadly the docking station is not compatible with the V7 HH11. It is true that the docking station is compatible with some V7 machines. But the HH11 is a different type of V7 machine and this type does not come with a docking station.

Can anyone help and confirm if there is a charging mount that it would fit. I looked on amazon and eBay but none state fits the HH11. I did see on YouTube someone under title of Dyson V7 wall mount, that had a v7 trigger handheld and bought an aftermarket mount from amazon, his one looked like mine but didn’t have a blue hepa filter on it so guess not the pro?

I don’t understand that on the Dyson.com site they sell 2 docking stations for the car and boat v7 handheld, and I thought that was the same shape? as mine. Maybe my battery is a different size so wouldn’t fit? I can’t check :(

Any help would be appreciated.

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