Dyson ...hard to push along!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Dyson ...hard to push along!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I got a reply on this from Dyson Online Support yesterday. It goes like this:
"I am sorry to hear that there seems to be an issue with your DC07 being hard to push. To remedy the issue, it may be helpful to remove the rope seals in the sole-plate that are on the inside of the brush bar housing at the bottom of the machine. Removing these seals allows air to move more freely at the base of the vacuum, keeping it from suctioning down to the floor.
To remove the rope seals, follow the steps below:
● Recline the handle into the vacuuming position.
● Lay the handle on the floor and turn the machine over so that the clear bin is touching the floor and the brushes are facing the ceiling.
● Use a coin to release the fasteners on the plate.
● Once the plate is removed, locate the thin black piece of rubber along the edge of the plate and remove it.
● Reattach the plate to the housing.

It may also be helpful to reposition the internal hose at the base of the machine. To do this follow the steps below:
● Detach the hose: pull it off where it is attached near the wheel.
● Twist the hose off where it is attached at the brush bar housing.
● Once the hose has been removed, bend it back and forth to make sure it is flexible, and then compress it from top to bottom and let it spring back out.
● Reattach the hose, starting with twisting it onto the brush bar housing. Use the moulded plastic on the opening to guide you. "

I hope this is helpful -- it made quite a difference here. (I also washed the sole-plate in warm soapy water and cleaned out any dust. Make sure you dry it THOROUGHLY afterwards!)
There are so many people having this problem! // PT
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