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Dyson Hot

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We've just bought our first home but it's run down and needs lots of work doing to it. We can move in just under a weeks time and we intend to make one habitable room (either the lounge or the bedroom) and live in it while we gradually do up the rest of the flat. The flat has got old electric storage heaters and am unsure how effective/efficient they are going to be, so we thought about getting a Dyson Hot to keep our one habitable room warm throughout winter. We thought about getting a plug in electric radiator, but we're concerned about the risk of a fire. Just want to know if the Dyson hot could be a suitable solution to our chilly situation!

The lounge is the bigger of the two rooms at 5.6m x 3.6m - so would need to be able warm up a room this size.

We both work throughout the week so would only be used for 4/5 hours a day. At the weekends we'll be re-decorating the flat so can move the heater to whatever room we're working in!
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Re: Dyson Hot

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I wouldn't be too worried about fire, especially if you're heating an empty house. Just make sure you buy a well trusted brand. Personally if you're going to be doing a lot of DIY I would buy a cheap fan heater from a trusted manufacturer. I really like the Dyson Hot but if I spent that much on a fan I wouldn't want to subject it to the abuse I would give it from DIY!

Also, the Dyson is a 2kW heater but you can buy 3kW heaters which might be useful given that it will be your only source of heat.
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Re: Dyson Hot

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