DC13 wand won't release from hose

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Dyson model: DC13

DC13 wand won't release from hose

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I've a problem which the usual FTFMing, YouTube video search, and general googling has failed to help - and so found this forum and would be grateful for any help offered :)

The model is my mum's DC33. The hose developed a tear, and so I've bought replacement. The fitting appears straightforward enough.

Except - the swivel catch on the upper end housing the wand seems to be stuck. No matter how hard I press it hard I press it the wand unit won't release from the damaged old hose. I've tried twisting the parts around in case that makes a difference but it doesn't seem to. :? :?:

I'm also pressing the bottom part of the rocker button, not the top - in case someone wonders if I'm just being a total idiot lol... :D

The part I mean is labelled as F on the schematic:


Any help much appreciated.

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