Dyson or not - and which?

Not sure which Dyson is best for you? Ask here.
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Dyson or not - and which?

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Hi all,

I bought a DC08 in 2007 and I am very pleased with it. I can live with its little downsides and I find the quality and the filtration fantastic.
A friend asked me what cleaner to buy. I am not sure I can suggest the Dyson though. All the reviews I see are negative, all the tests are bad (even though most of them are just ignoring some basic Cyclonic principles and they are just not fair - not to mention that I usually don't have lentils or rice or coins on my floor!).

I feel that for a less-technical person another brand would be better.

I'm talking about a few downsides of mine, i.e. the noise, the mess you do when you empty the bin, the cord which has to be pushed in to rewind, and mostly the safety bypass - when you stop the airflow - that does not reset itself (need to disconnect the bin for a moment or turn the unit off and on again) not a problem for me but for a normal person it could mean vacuum the entire house with half the suction/half the filtration.

I was thinking of the DC32, just to save some money - don't really need the very latest model. Or a Miele.

What is your opinion on that?

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Re: Dyson or not - and which?

Post by Onion »

The DC08 is quite an old model now and the later ones should be more reliable (hence the 5 year guarantee). They are all noisy though and all empty the bins in similar ways.

I used a Miele cylinder cleaner recently and was actually very impressed. It was very quiet and felt powerful too though it was a bagged machine and I didn't really get to try out the performance.

I wouldn't worry about recommending a Dyson to a non-technical person. They've sold millions to all sorts! The DC32 seems like a good choice if you're not worried by not having the ball.
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