DC07 vs. DC33 vs. DC26

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DC07 vs. DC33 vs. DC26

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I could definitely use some advise from you folks on here. I've got great deals on all 3 machines and I really don't know which one I should keep...

To make a long story short.. I purchased a DC26 "The City" canister vacuum last month at Best Buy and I love it. My house is tile, hardwood, and carpet, so it was doing a nice job for me. Especially considering I got them to price match the thing so low that I purchased it for $115 total with a 4 year extended Best Buy protection plan.

Next thing I know, I'm in a house with a customer for work and I notice they have a Dyson DC07 that needs repaired. The gentleman was going to throw it away, so he just gave it to me for FREE. I took it to the local Dyson certified repair shop and it needs a new hose, 2 new filters, and a complete cleaning & tune-up. This will cost me $150, but I did not give him the go-ahead to repair it quite yet. I don't know if its worth fixing as I don't even know how the machine performs.

Now, two nights ago I was in Best Buy and happened to see the very last DC33 multi-floor on clearance for $220. I negotiated down to $180 and brought the machine home. So far I like it, but it doesn't have the maneuverability of my DC26 canister vacuum. I swept with the canister first and then the DC33 right over the same area and it picked up so much more dirt and dog hair than the canister. But... I can't get into the small crevices like I can with the canister and the DC33 has an odd hose on it in my opinion.

I have 3 dogs and my house is constantly dirty... which machine should I keep!!!??? Should I fix the DC07 or is it not worth it??? Should I keep the DC26 Canister and sell the DC33???? Or should I keep the DC33 and sell the DC26 canister???? GAHHHHH!!!! DECISIONS, DECISIONS...

I could really use some advise on this from the people that know these vacuums best.

Please advise!


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Re: DC07 vs. DC33 vs. DC26

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You've certainly got a talent for picking up a bargain!

$150 to get a DC07 going again sounds like a lot so I would rule that out. The DC33 is 2 generations newer than the DC07. I would rule that one out, unless you fancied overhauling it yourself.

As you noticed the DC33 will clean much better than the DC26 because it's just much more powerful and has a motorised brushbar. But the DC26 is small, light and manouverable.

You've got to balance the extra cleaning power of the DC33 against the convenience of the DC26. If the DC26 cleans well enough for you then I'd stick with it. If not go for the DC33, which is generally a more suitable choice for someone with 3 dogs!
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