Brush bar not level

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Brush bar not level

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I have a Dyson DC25 Animal and very recently the brush bar area tilts upwards on the right side. I often have to push it down with my foot so it touches the floor on the right. I can really see it most pronounced if the vacuum is in a standing position and I tilt it backwards onto the back wheels (not in the vacuuming position). I also notice that while vacuuming, if I lower the handle as if I'm wanting to go under a table the whole head of the brush bar lifts off the ground.

The tilting is new. I'm not sure that the "under the table" issue is new or not. I don't recall that it did that before.

Any ideas on what to check or how to fix it?

This is a picture of the vacuum tilted backwards onto the 2 back wheels of the stand (not in vacuuming mode) - sorry I couldn't figure out how to embed the image in-line.

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