Brush wont stop spinning

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Brush wont stop spinning

Post by gingerccu »

i have the DC28 and the brush spins all the time whether its upright, on bare floor or using the hose. Has anyone else had this happen to them. Seems to spin faster than before also!
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Re: Brush wont stop spinning

Post by thedysonman »

sorry,as the dc28 isn 't available in the UK i can't help as i have not come across it.Try your local Dyson helpline ?.cheers :(
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Re: Brush wont stop spinning

Post by Anon »

The DC28 is a clutch machine with controls near the power switch at the top of the machine.

Since it doesn't use a pedal to mechanically control the clutch like the DC14 and other machines, my first guess would be that it's a fault with the electronics.

But since you say the brushbar is spinning much faster than usual, it's probably a clutch problem. I'm unfamiliar with the clutch mechanism in the machine, but I suppose it must be engaging too hard.

Unless you're comfortable with opening it up and having a look to see if there's any mechanical reason the clutch is pressing on so hard, I'd give Dyson a call.
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