Upgrading my DC24 - which to go for?

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Upgrading my DC24 - which to go for?

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My DC24 finally gave up the other day so I'm in the market for a new model!

I'v always been happy with the vacuum, but I'm sure there are better ones available now.

I'm caught between two though. The DC40 looks good and seems to be the direct replacement to the DC24 (I think?). But I'm worried about it clogging too easily with food (http://spotlessvacuum.co.uk/upright-vacuum-cleaners/dyson-dc40-multi-floor-vacuum-review/).

On the other hand, I could go all out and get the DC75 Cinetic (I was impressed with what I read in this review). It's a lot more expensive...but very tempting. We have a lot of carpet space so I'm happy to hear it seems to really dig into fibres. I'd be really interested to hear if anyone has direct experience with it.

Oh, and I almost forgot my requirements. I have two kids (so lots of spilt food - not too bothered about getting a wet/dry though) and a dog, so it needs to be able to suck up lots of pet hair. Weight isn't a major problem, I'm just looking to maximise my value for money.

Thanks for the help!
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Re: Upgrading my DC24 - which to go for?

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Hi there. Where are you based? The reason I ask is that the Dyson models vary depending on location, at least in name. The DC40 for example is no longer available in the US but still is in the UK. One of the links you provided was from the UK so I'm guessing you are UK based?
The DC40 (2015) is currently on offer on Dyson's website for 199GBP, which is a nice deal. But this isn't the very latest technology.
Dyson's website can help with the difference between the various models and is a good starting point to get an idea what you're looking for.
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