Intermittent suction to rotating brush

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Dave Adkin
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Intermittent suction to rotating brush

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Dyson DC27 Animal.
Intermittent suction to main body of cleaner. This appears to be caused by a clear moulding at the base of the main upright section which controls a shuttle plate and switches the suction from main body to the wand.
The clear moulding appears not to be connected to anything.
Can this moulding be replaced, and what does it attach to?
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Re: Intermittent suction to rotating brush

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Hi , there should be an arm attached to the clear disc which goes through to the top of the clutch cover inside the machine so that when you pull the cleaner back the arm will move the internal hose/ valve to it's other position to suck on the floor. If you push the head down quickly it will flick the valve but if you are slow at putting the head down it won't always work .
To be honest most of the dc27s have this quirk and there isn't a lot that can be done :(
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