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 Post subject: VV10 Good or not?
PostPosted: Fri Aug 09, 2019 10:31 pm 

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Dyson model: dc10
Hi All!

I am kind of annoyed at myself & Dyson. Ever since I got the first wage that I could use for household appliances, My 2nd purchase was a DC01. It is still running, all be it like Triggers broom from only fools n horses. Still a very good purchase. I also have a dc02,3 5 & 7. All have been great. I also have a Kirby as I used to work for them back in the day circa 1996, still running, very much used and abused. I came into some money early this year, not very much in most peoples terms but a chunk to me. I was in no rush to spend it as we all know, that as soon as you spend it, you need it for a thing you never expected. Sods Law. I was recently gifted with a St Bernard puppy, I haad no wish to have another dog but it was a gift from my sister and you can't refuse a gift from an Irish person! While I was waiting for him to be old enough to be separated from his mother I thought about how I would deal with his double coat and the malt. I was stupid enough to believe the ids online and the Argos store Rep. The V10 is US! I mentioned this to Argos, they basically to me to go away and multiply with my self, Dyson basically blanked my request for help. After fussing about with the V10 keeping it going between drops of hair, I am done. Dyson & me are done!

If your Dyson picks up something it doesn't like the only way is to eject the collection Tub.
If you get a blockage, you have to eject to collection Tub
I am asthmatic, Trying to eject the Collection Tub into a Wheely bin or even outdoors, basically means a face full of Dust, Dirt & whatever you have picked up, for the brief spell you can. you are reduced to a defeated wheezing mess.
Two weeks ago a Wolf spider managed to restrict enough flow that the V10 went into blockage mode. How many of you who suffer from Arachnophobia trust your hover to capture the beast? Do not really on the V10!

Conclusion, Why the hell did I pay £600 for this piece of crap? I actually thought Dyson combined the excellent power of his plug-in units with a Cordless. How wrong am I. :(

please let me know your views, perhaps I am using it wrong.

 Post subject: Re: VV10 Good or not?
PostPosted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 8:41 am 

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The trouble is Dyson and other retailers, over sell the power of the V10. We would under very rare circumstances recommend a cordlesss machine to be used as a main vac, especially in your case.

If you are looking for a really good vacuum that is going to last, try looking at a Sebo. These are hand built in Germany, it is not unusual for these to last 15-20 years.

Depending how long you have had the vacuum you could always contact CAB and see where you stand on getting your money back

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