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 Post subject: Design flaw? Filters never dirty and solution?
PostPosted: Sun Feb 25, 2018 8:53 pm 

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Dyson model: DC_65 animal
Firstly, this is the best vac I've ever owned. Works better than anything before- love it.

In searching the internet, I noticed quite a few folks saying how clean their filters were. I'm a square corners kind of person (reads all manuals first and follows maintenance instructions). I've had the DC65 animal complete for 3 years and both filters look like they are brand new- I mean right out of the box clean. That got me thinking that there had to be build-up somewhere in that canister with all the cyclone pockets. I took the collection canister all apart (fairly easy, mostly snap together) and found a tremendous amount of dirt practically clogging every one of those cyclone ports. I have a home-owners level air compressor I got from a big box store. I spent 30 minutes or so outside blowing out each and every port in that canister- it was filthy. I have now made that my 6-month maintenance with this vacuum. No filter cleaning, just half a hour blowing out the disassembled parts. I believe the filters are supposed to be picking up all this dirt, but it's obviously not making it that far. That's why I wondered if this was a design flaw. BTW- this vacuum is only used for routine household vacuuming, nothing special. Canister always dumped before dirt reaches full line.

One other comment- I always found the rigid accessory hose end piece to be very awkward for any up close spot cleaning- because it's long and straight (!). If it's taken off then the hose is kind of short. My solution was an extension hose (Dyson Extension Hose, #917250-04). I pop that on to the end of the rigid extension and now I have both length and flexibility. Very happy with it. I don't know which other models it fits on so, if you're interested, be sure to check the right one for your vac.

 Post subject: Re: Design flaw? Filters never dirty and solution?
PostPosted: Fri May 10, 2019 5:59 pm 

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Dyson model: DC41
No solution seen in the post, but I have your same concern. The Cyclone filter is never dirty; a couple of years ago I received the assembly under warranty because of a broken "Click" part. The new assembly had a new filter and I saved it. I recently cleaned my unit and confused the new filter with the one just removed. I could not tell one from the other. It is obvious that the dirt never reaches this filter, however the dust bin and passage ways, and surfaces of all of the other parts are absolutely filthy, even though I clean the Dust Bin before dirt reaches the limit. When cleaning the dust bin, I rap on the side and extremely fine dust falls out from inside. I also have a compressor, but I don't want to blow this around and end up breathing it, so I take it apart and clean it with water (mfg. no-no) but water does a great job. Doesn't hurt anything unless you have a lot of minerals in your tap water. After all, there is considerable water in the air you breath.

Same for the filter in the ball, no dirt that shakes out, there is a spotty black stain, that doesn't wash away. So I just go on with my life and wash the thing out eash year, and I begin again with a spotless unit.

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